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The health, wellness, and weight loss industry has been cluttered with trendy diets and inaccurate health and nutrition information for decades. The birth of the Internet has only accelerated these fads, many of which may not only yield incorrect information, but may also be downright dangerous.

Where can you turn for accurate, science-based nutrition guidance? How can you develop healthy habits for a lifetime, without missing out on your favorite foods and activities? Personalized Nutrition Concierges (PNC)can help.

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Kassandra received her undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  She was then accepted into the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to further her studies and complete over 1200 hours of continuing education and direct patient care. Kassandra has a diverse background with extensive experience ranging from oncology, digestive disorders, and auto immune diseases to  weight loss and wellness.

My goal is to offer lifetime nutrition plans that are medically sound and realistic, tailored for each person’s needs and lifestyle. I’ve never been more excited about the diagnostic tools at my disposal, such as our DNA testing. Using this information, I work with my clients to help educate and support them. I do consider it an honor to be part of their wellness journeys.

Kassandra Gyimesi, RDN, Owner


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A program personalized just for you by your registered dietitian according to your DNA and body composition results ensures that your nutrition plan is uniquely suited to your personal genetic, health, and weight management needs. Schedule your individual consultations with a PNC Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to receive one-on-one care for effective weight loss, lifelong nutrition education, and long-term weight management success, including nutrition plans and physical activity suggestions, according to your genetic makeup.



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As a self-proclaimed science nerd I appreciate having the latest nutrition and wellness technology available at my fingertips. Nutrigenetics research, which utilizes DNA results to understand individuals’ unique nutrition needs, and body composition analyses, which use bioelectrical impedance to benchmark and measure changes in fat distribution throughout your body, have both contributed to better long-term health and nutrition, and improved weight loss results.

As your personal nutrition concierge, I also help you monitor your meals and physical activity with menu planning tools and digital fitness trackers, so I can suggest positive changes that help you reach practical goals with a significant impact over time.



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