Nutrition based on the Science of you

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individual consultations

Kassandra, is a Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert and will be your accountability partner for the next 12 weeks.  Once she learns your unique nutritional needs, she will  educate, coach, and motivate you to successfully achieve and sustain all your wellness goals.



progressive technologies

Health and wellness are gene-deep which is why cutting edge assessment tools  like DNA testing are so critical to understanding your unique nutritional needs. We literally utilize your genetic blueprint to help create a nutrition plan that is a lifestyle and not a diet!




personalized meal plans

A key component of your personalized nutrition program is the creation of delicious menus, recipes and grocery lists.  Your custom meal plans are created using the specific calorie and macronutrient requirements needed to help you easily achieve your weight and wellness goals.


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a weight management program as unique as you are

Lose up to 76% more weight than on plans without genetic profile customization.*

A program personalized by your registered dietitian incorporating your DNA and body composition results to ensure that your nutrition plan is uniquely suited to your personal genetic, health, and weight management needs. Schedule your individual consultations with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to receive one-on-one care for effective weight loss, lifelong nutrition education, and long-term weight management success, including nutrition plans and physical activity suggestions, according to your genetic makeup.

*According to a two-year randomized trial: Preventing Overweight Using Novel Dietary Strategies (Pounds Lost). Circulation 124, 563-71, 2011.