My goal is to offer lifetime nutrition plans that are medically sound and realistic, tailored for each person’s needs and lifestyle. I’ve never been more excited about the diagnostic tools at my disposal, such as our DNA testing. Using this information, I work with my clients to help educate and support them. I do consider it an honor to be part of their wellness journeys.

Kassandra Gyimesi, RDN, Owner

Your Personal Dietitian

Kassandra received her undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  She was then accepted into the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to further her studies and has over 20 years practicing as a nutrition expert. Kassandra values the unique needs of each client and will take the time to really know you and how to optimize your nutrition.

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Denise M

Kassandra has helped me lose (and more importantly) keep off 26 pounds! I had been struggling with up and down weight gain and loss and thought I had to accept that my body had “changed”  with age. Fortunately Kassandra was recommended to me, and now I have learned how to nourish my body! Kassandra has provided a safe, non-judgmental, fun space that has equipped me with the knowledge I need to keep the weight off.  I highly recommend the DNA test too! No more questioning what macronutrient breakdown I do best with, what vitamins I am predisposed to be deficient in, what foods increase my risk of cardiometabolic disease and how my genetic makeup effects my weight.This report helped set me up for success as Kassandra could tailor my plan to the science.

 Lisa C

I started out thinking my DNA tests would confirm once and for all that I’m an alien and weight loss was not possible for me! Alas, no such luck: turns out I’m quite human and have some DNA flaws regarding how I metabolize fat……go figure! It’s been a 7 month weightloss journey, following Kassandra’s program and I have lost 50lbs! No gimmicks, no pills…just hard work, but it’s been healthy and relatively easy, once I found out what my personal body’s chemistry was. Having a dietitian coach me with calorie goals, macro percentage limits, food choices, etc. has made this life decision easier. I sleep better, I move better, and I look better!

Stuart G

I’ve lost over 30 lbs working with Kassandra.  While that’s great, what I’m even more excited about is I’ve created habits and strategies that work for me in my real life! Kassandra is a delight!  She worked with me and helped design solutions for my trouble spots. Smart, funny, flexible and knowledgeable would be how I would describe Kassandra.  Never shaming just, “ok, that’s where you are, what can we do differently to deal with that next time?” I’d highly recommend you work with Kassandra if you’re serious about changing your relationship with food and want a partner to guide you along the way.

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