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At Personalized Nutrition Concierges, your Body Composition Analysis (BCA) results reveal key body measurements so your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) can create the groundwork and benchmarks for an effective nutrition plan:

• BCAs estimate your ideal body weight, calorie needs, and body fat vs. lean mass levels.
• BCAs identify health risks associated with excessive total body and intra-abdominal (visceral) fat.
• BCAs are used to monitor necessary changes and success throughout your program.
• BCAs help determine the effectiveness of athletic training and performance programs and can assist in their optimization.


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the skinny on body composition


The human body consists of both lean tissue and body fat. Lean tissue consists of body water, muscles, bones, minerals, and so on. Body fat is located beneath the skin (subcutaneous) and between abdominal organs (visceral).

Your BCA assesses the proportion of lean tissue to fat in your body using bioelectrical impedance. Electricity flows easily through lean mass, whereas resistance is high with body fat, so electricity does not flow properly. This allows us to measure the amounts of both lean mass and fat throughout different segments of your body. Don’t worry, you won’t feel the electricity. It’s a more comprehensive yet less invasive way to measure body composition than many other options.

Lean tissue burns calories all day, while body fat stores energy, or calories, and is not burned consistently. However, excessive fat in the body—particularly visceral fat—can lead to widespread chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. This is why body composition analysis is an excellent tool for the prevention of disease, and how Personalized Nutrition Concierges RDNs can help you measure real results that can add years back onto your life.



what your BCA includes


Your BCA uses your biological age, your gender, and the results of the measurements to arrive at your assessment on any given day. Your RDN considers the changes in your percentages of body fat and lean muscle mass in each consultation to make sure your program is meeting your personal and particular needs.

Here are some of the measurements and assessments you will find in your BCA report:


Body Composition
• Weight
• Standard Weight
• Lean Body Mass
• Mass of Body Fat
• Soft Lean Mass
• Skeletal Muscle Mass
• Total Body Water
• Protein
• Mineral
Body Status
• Weight
• Body Mass Index
• Percent Body Fat
• Soft Lean Mass
• Skeletal Muscle Mass 

Abdominal Analysis
• Visceral Fat Level
• Visceral Fat Area
• Waist-to-Hip Ratio
• Abdominal Circumference

Edema Assessment
• Extracellular Water/Total Body Water

Energy Expenditure
• Body Cell Mass
• Basal Metabolic Rate
• Total Energy Expenditure






protecting your privacy


Here is our commitment to you: We never, ever, sell or in any other way release your information unless requested by you. (You can view our privacy policy here .) We are a medical professional clinic, and ALL personal health information is encrypted, secured behind firewalls, and compliant with HIPAA regulations. If requested, your DNA sample can also be destroyed after it is tested at the lab.