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Do you have a question about Personalized Nutrition Concierges one-on-one Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) consultations, personalized nutrition plans, Nutritgenomic DNA testing and BCA Profile Reports, or any aspect of our wellness and weight management programs and technology? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

why Personalized Nutrition Concierges

What are the details of your program?

In general, your personalized program includes individual RDN consultations, BCAs to monitor your progress, and progressive technologies such as DNA testing, the MyFitnessPal app, and fitness trackers. Each and every program created by our RDNs is unique to our individual clients’ needs. Your own personalized program is determined by the results of your DNA report and Body Composition Analyses  (BCAs), as well as your health history, lifestyle preferences, weight loss and fitness goals to become a healthier, slimmer, and more energetic you.

What makes you different from "fad" diets?

Our programs are not diets and we do not keep up with dieting fads. Instead, we offer licensed medical professionals that are educated in the field of nutrition and teach clients how to make smarter food, physical activity, and lifestyle choices and live healthier lives. Unlike most ‘diet programs’ we can accept most types of health insurance. From teaching clients the basics of nutrition, like portion sizing, meal planning, and nutrition label reading, to helping them determine the best macronutrient proportions, calorie amounts, and physical activities for their unique DNA and body composition, the registered dietitian will work with each client individually to ensure they learn real life skills and changes that can help them get—and stay—healthy for a lifetime.

How does Personalized Nutrition Concierges compare to other diet programs?

There are many weight-management programs with different mainstream approaches, and some others offer quick weight-loss ideas through temporary, sometimes trendy, methods. But it’s important to find the one that suits your body, your personal challenges, your unique opportunities, and your own goals. Look for a plan that is sustainable and suits your ongoing health and wellness – and that’s unique to your body. Personalized Nutrition Concierge’s science-based approach  that integrates DNA testing, healthy eating and physical activity plans, based on your genetic profile.

Is your program only for those who want to lose a lot of weight?

In general, your personalized program  includes individual RDN consultations, BCAs to monitor your progress, and progressive technologies such as DNA testing, the MyFitnessPal app, and fitness trackers. Each and every program created by our RDNs is unique to our individual clients’ needs. Your own personalized program is determined by the results of your DNA report and Body Composition Analyses  (BCAs), as well as your health history, lifestyle preferences, weight loss and fitness goals to become a healthier, slimmer, and more energetic you.

Why do you offer DNA testing and body composition analysis?

There is only one you, with your own unique DNA and body composition, so our RDNs harness insights from your DNA, body composition, and lifestyle through our Personalized Nutrition Concierges diagnostics.  This provides an in-depth profile of your body, which enables us to create a revolutionary weight loss program that’s best for you. We develop a nutrition and exercise program that is most effective for your body type, and that will keep you motivated and feeling your best.


How much weight can I lose?

Each person’s situation is unique. You and your RDN will determine your goals together and decide on the pace that is best for you. Long-lasting weight loss takes time and commitment, but it can—and will—happen once you finally break free of unhealthy fad diets and learn real nutrition guidelines that last a lifetime.

When can I expect to see results?

Although everyone is different, most Personalized Nutrition Concierges clients start losing weight within their first week!

Can't I just eat less and exercise more?

If you’re not reducing the right kinds of calories for your genetics and not exercising to your full potential, it’s a lot harder to lose weight and learn healthy habits for a lifetime. We help you learn about healthy nutrition and the types of exercise that will work for your body type and keep you motivated.

Are your programs covered by health insurance?

We are either in-network or in the process of becoming in-network with Medicare, Cigna, United Health Care, Aetna,  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Anthem. We also can accept Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Federal Savings Accounts (FSAs).

What happens after my plan ends?

Your health is a journey and, as we all know, health and wellness information is constantly evolving! Our RDNs are your long-term partners  and we recommend that you check in with your RDN after your original program ends. Book a check-up every three to 12 months for an updated BCA and short consultation about your wellness and weight management concerns and questions.



program options

Why do I need a personal consultation?

Every person is unique and has his or her own specific wellness and weight management needs. When you meet individually with your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN),  you receive a program that meets your unique nutritional needs… plus you have a knowledgeable and compassionate accountability partner every step of the way!

What is an RDN?

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, or RDN, is a medical professional who translates the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. Our RDNs customize meal plans to meet your specific and individual nutrition needs, and help you learn to make unique, positive lifestyle changes. With our RDN services,  you are more likely to improve your health, prevent or manage disease, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight through the power of food and nutrition, than going it alone. For example, if you’re going out to eat, talk to your RDN about the menu before you go!

I do not live in the Denver Do you offer virtual or phone consultations?

Our RDNs are licensed to practice within the state of Colorado and can provide face-to-face, as well as virtual or phone, counseling to anyone throughout the state. If you do not live in the state of Colorado, please call us at 720-214-7949, and we will look into licensing requirements for your state.

Do I need to bring in my medical records for my initial consultation?

It’s always helpful to have medical records such as your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, for example. And if you have a medical condition, food allergies, or sensitivities, have recently undergone or have upcoming plans for surgery, or are pregnant or nursing, it’s very important to share this with your registered dietitian. We will take these factors into account while prescribing a proper nutrition and activity program  for your individual needs.

What if I have a medical condition such as diabetes or hypothyroidism?

The most important thing you can do for weight loss and for your overall health is to get proper treatment for any medical conditions. At Personalized Nutrition Concierges, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists  work in conjunction with your primary physician to get you feeling your best. Losing weight is never easy, but making a few dietary changes may help boost weight loss success. People who have their medical conditions well-controlled shouldn’t struggle to lose weight more than anyone else.

What are the physical activity and fitness components to your programs?

At Personalized Nutrition Concierges, we are committed to offering a holistic approach to health and wellness for all our clients, so your DNA results include physical activities that are best for your body and your genetic predispositions. We recognize that a successful wellness or weight management program requires nutrition and physical activity alike. With our

Personalized Nutrition Concierges DNA and BCA diagnostic tools, 

we design a nutrition and activity plan that’s unique to your genetic predispositions so you can manage your health and weight for a lifetime!


What is the difference between some of your program options?

Our best-selling kick-start package is the Personalized Nutrition Concierges Total Wellness Kick-Start  and consists of access to all Personalized Nutrition Concierges diagnostic technologies, including DNA results and a 4-pack of BCAs, plus a 4-pack of consultations to kick off your personalized nutrition program. DNA testing is not available through insurance, so if you would like to see an RDN without paying out of pocket for nutrigenetics testing, we have a PNC Nutritional Counseling  kick-start package that offers a 4-pack of RDN consultations and BCAs for each session. If you are simply interested in receiving the DNA and BCA test results and want to create your own DIY wellness plan, we offer our Personalized Nutrition Concierges Full-Body Profiles.

I purchased a kick-start program online. What's next?

As long as you completed the secure web form after your purchase, we should have all your contact information and be in touch within the next business day. If you ordered a program with a  DNA test, you can either come visit our office at 420  E 58th St Denver CO, or we can ship the DNA sample kit to your home. Your visit should only take about five minutes—the collection of your DNA, which comes from a saliva sample, is quick and easy. Once your DNA has been collected, it will be shipped directly to the lab. It can take about a month to get your DNA Report results back. Once the results are available, our clinic manager will call you to book your RDN appointment.

Do I have to wait for my DNA report to come in to start my program?

No, we would be happy to—and actually recommend we—book your initial consultation with your RDN before your DNA report is available. Your body composition analysis gives us an exciting and detailed sneak peek into your ideal body weight, calorie requirements, and body fat vs. lean mass levels, and many find that adjusting your nutrition and physical activity according to your BCA results is a great first step in achieving increased health and wellness. Once received, your DNA results will help your RDN determine even more personalized changes, and since health and weight loss is a journey with many steps along the way, why not get started today?

Do you offer follow-up packages after the kick-start period ends?

Yes. Most clients will find that working with their RDN for nutrition education, weight loss and lifestyle change is such an enriching and successful experience that they want to continue their program after this kick-start period ends. We offer one-on-one follow-up consultations in 4-packs, where you will receive four 30-minute consultations and BCAs for $200

How often do I need to schedule my consultations?

This is dependent upon your schedule availability and personal preferences. You and your RDN can determine consultation frequency together and decide on the pace that is best for you. Most clients visit their RDN every week for the first couple of months, and then slow their frequency to once every other week, or even every month, as they see weight loss success and reach their health and lifestyle goals.

Do you offer couples packages?

Yes! The most successful lifestyle changes are shared with those with which you live, eat, and play, so our couples packages are very popular. If you and your significant other, family member, or friend want to share a nutrition program and attend consultations together, we have a Personalized Nutrition Concierges Total Wellness Kick-Start for Couples package that could be a good fit for your needs.



Personalized Nutrition Concierges DNA testing

What is DNA and how does it impact my weight management goals?

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Your DNA carries all the instructions for the structure and function of every cell in your body. Although DNA plays a major role in all life processes, we test for specific “markers” in your DNA profile  that determine how you respond to different foods and physical activities. By learning which of these are best for your body, you’re likely to lose weight and keep it off more easily than with other programs. Clinical research has shown that people on a program appropriate for their genetic profiles can lose up to 76% more weight, according to a two-year randomized trial: Preventing Overweight Using Novel Dietary Strategies (Pounds Lost), Circulation 124, 563-71, 2011.

What can you learn from my DNA?

The application of DNA science  to health and nutrition is called nutrigenetics, the study of the relationships among genes, diet, and health outcomes. Your DNA affects the way your body processes vitamins and other nutrients, as well as macronutrients such as fats, proteins and carbs. Your genetic tendencies also affect how your body responds to exercise and can alert you to possible food intolerances. Even certain taste preferences, like favoring sweet vs. bitter-tasting foods, are coded into your DNA! There is a lot to learn about yourself when you decide to decode your DNA.

How do you get my DNA sample?

Depending on your preferences, we can either mail a DNA kit to your home or have you visit our clinic to submit your saliva sample. The tube containing your saliva sample will then be mailed back to the lab for testing. That’s it! We’ll call you when your results come in.

How long does it take to get my results?

We usually get the results in less than a month, and we’ll call you to set up an appointment to review your report.

What can I expect in my report?

The recommendations in your personal genetic report  are based on your unique DNA results. Your report includes recommended macronutrient amounts needed to maintain your weight, and the best physical activities for your muscle type. Your report also discusses taste preferences, likelihood of developing food intolerances, and your nutrient metabolism. We also help you determine if that extra cup of coffee gives you a healthy boost, or could cause cardiac health issues over time.

Is there research that supports DNA testing for weight loss?

Yes, quite a bit! Considering how cutting edge the field of nutrigenetics, research has proven quite a lot of information in a short amount of time, and this research is continually evolving. Please stop by our office to see a sample report and all the research data behind

Personalized Nutrition Concierges DNA reports

. We’re at 420 East 58th Avenue, Suite 128 A-1 Denver, CO 80216 We’ll be happy to show you all the details.


Is DNA testing like the blood-type diet?

No, our DNA profiles  are more specific than just your blood type. Millions of people have the same blood types, but only YOU have your unique genetic combinations.

Is the DNA test required?

The DNA test portion of our diagnostic tools  is not required. These reports are packed with valuable information, though, and are particularly useful for our RDNs to create a personalized program for your unique needs. Our DNA test allows us to go far deeper into what works for your individual metabolism than just your blood type could.

Do you also test my DNA for genealogy or disease?

Our DNA test  is not useful for genealogy, and does not currently diagnose any diseases. We only test for the DNA “markers” that will help us understand how your metabolism works and what your behavioral tendencies might be, based on your unique genetic profile. We leave the ancestry stuff to other professionals!

What's the difference between blood test results and genetic profile results?

Blood tests help doctors check for (diagnose) certain diseases and conditions. Blood tests also help check the function of your organs and show how well treatments are working. Blood tests are generally recommended at least yearly to monitor health. The application of DNA science to health and nutrition  is called nutrigenetics, the study of the relationships among genes, diet, and health outcomes. (Nutrigenetics does not diagnose any disease or condition.) At Personalized Nutrition Concierges, use nutrigenetics to prescribe personalized dietary and activity recommendations based on your genetic predispositions.

Is my personal DNA information secure?

Your actual DNA sample can be destroyed after it is tested at the lab, and the results are delivered securely via a non-identifiable tracking code to our own medical professionals. We never, ever, sell or in any other way release your information unless requested by you. ( You can view our privacy policy here. ) We are a medical professional clinic, and ALL personal health information is encrypted, secured behind firewalls, and compliant with HIPAA regulations.



Personalized Nutrition Concierges body composition analysis (BCA)

What is a BCA?

BCA stands for Body Composition Analysis . Your BCA assesses the proportion of lean tissue to fat in your body using bioelectrical impedance. BCAs also identify visceral fat in your body, which surround your organs and lead to chronic disease. Your BCA results help your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) create the groundwork and success benchmarks for an effective nutrition and weight loss plan.

How does a BCA work?

Your BCA  uses bioelectrical impedance to calculate the proportion of fat in your body to your lean tissue. Electricity flows easily through lean mass, whereas resistance is high with body fat, so electricity does not flow properly. This allows us to measure the amounts of both lean mass and fat throughout different segments of your body.

Will I feel anything during my BCA?

No, you will not feel anything during your BCA. Even though it offers a comprehensive analysis of your body composition, it is a far less invasive way to reveal key body measurements than other options.

What can I learn from my own BCA?

BCAs  provide you and your  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with fascinating insight on key body measurements including current and ideal body weight, calorie needs, and body fat vs. lean mass levels. We can also view visceral fat levels, which is the deadly fat that surrounds your organs and causes chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more.


Why are BCAs important in your program?

Not only do BCAs  help us learn about your current body composition and calorie needs, but Personalized Nutrition Concierges RDNs also use BCAs to monitor progress and set goals throughout your health and nutrition program. For those with goals to increase their athletic performance, BCAs help determine the effectiveness of your training program so you can optimize it accordingly.

What stats can I learn from my BCA results?

Here are some of the measurements and assessments you will find in your BCA report, which we will use to track your progress:

Body Composition

• Weight 
• Standard Weight 
• Lean Body Mass 
• Mass of Body Fat 
• Soft Lean Mass 
• Skeletal Muscle Mass 
• Total Body Water 
• Protein 
• Mineral 

Body Status

• Weight 
• Body Mass Index 
• Percent Body Fat 
• Soft Lean Mass 
• Skeletal Muscle Mass

Abdominal Analysis

• Visceral Fat Level 
• Visceral Fat Area 
• Waist-to-Hip Ratio 
• Abdominal Circumference

Why should I worry about visceral fat?

Where fat is stored in your body is equally important to the amount of fat in your body. Those with unsafe levels of visceral fat, which tend to have an “apple” body shape and store fat above their waist, also tend to store more fat close to their organs. This affects hormones and blood lipid levels, how well sugar and fat are broken down in your body, and can cause inflammation and damaged arteries. Increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, cancer, depression, sleep disorders and obesity is caused by unsafe levels of visceral fat in your body.

If you have an unhealthy amount of visceral fat in your body, all is not lost! Visceral fat is broken down easily by the right diet and increased physical activity.

What are best practices to prepare for my BCA?

Have you decided to get your own body composition analysis report? Good for you! You will be sent a document with best practices beforehand, but general advice includes:

• Do not drink or eat before testing 
• Eat a healthy diet 24 hours before testing 
• No alcohol 24 hours before testing 
• Do not put lotion on hands or feet 
• Use the bathroom beforehand 
• Women – avoid menstrual times 
• Remove shoes, socks, and gloves 
• Do not wear bulky or heavy clothing



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